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In 2015 we partner with PaxWorks, The University of Belize, and West Liberty University to present opportunities to explore global environmental issues.

Global Environmental Science using Technology
GEST – Belize/U.S.
West Liberty EDUC 578, Summer Session through West Liberty University
3-credit Summer 2015 Graduate Course for Teachers
GEST course objective is to advance teachers’ understandings of the environment, the root causes of climate change, and what humans can do to protect and assist the environment.  To more closely study these phenomena, an 8-day workshop in Belize is planned for August 2015.  Belize is a world leader in the protection of biodiversity and natural resources.  U.S. teachers will collaborate with Belizean teachers to make observations and collect data of the riparian buffer zones, tropical forests, and reef.  Through training with scientists in Belize, teachers will utilize geo-cache phone aps, ecological assessments, and biodiversity measurements to analyze their data and develop curriculum for their classrooms focusing on environmental protection.  Upon return home, field-testing of curriculum and further collaboration with teachers is anticipated.  Attendance of the study tour in Belize is required.  Course grades will be based on participation, group collaboration, and projects

Past Events:
Washington D.C:  Gateway to the World, July 2013 

Delegation to Finland

November 12-20, 2011


Finland is consistently ranked as having one of the best education systems in the world.  Finnish students outperform students worldwide on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA exam).  Our delegation will visit The University of Helsinki, The Finnish National Education Board, and local K-12 schools.  Topics of research, study and discussion include:  Teacher and administrator preparation programs, professional development, and student assessment. 


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